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Our History
We are a multicultural church, but in general we are Armenians mixed with other ethnic groups. On December 1, 1996, Pastor Tony Vartanian, our Sr. Pastor had his first church service at Burbank Foursquare Church (now Media City Church). He had been Associate Pastor at Burbank Armenian #2 Foursquare Church for 2 years until the Lord directed a new work which has come to be known as the First International Church of the Living Waters. In 1997, the Church started to rent from Bethel Foursquare Church in Burbank, and is now renting from New Life Christian Church in Glendale, California. Our Church has been a center for missionary outreach to many nations, especially Israel and Armenia. Our Sr. Pastor has been involved in many mission trips and has been a Chaplain in the county jails and for 5 years in Mira Loma Detention Center in Lancaster, California.

Our Future
After 20 years of serving the Lord we hope to continually expand the work
Of God's spirit in our city, community and around the world. 

Our Mission:
To make disciples and  bring the light of God's love to our city, our nation and to the world, working with like-minded churches both near and far for the glory of God in Jesus' Name. 

Our Goals:
1. Have a place to gather to maintain to teach and to equip the body of Christ  to grow and to fellowship.

2. To outreach to our community, our city, and help such works around our nation and the world.

3. To have specific said ministries to reach specific core groups of people and their unique needs; help reach the lost in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Our Statement of Faith
•         God as our heavenly Father and the Creator of the Universe
•         The deity of Jesus Christ, in his resurrection and return
•         The person and ministry of the Holy Spirit
•         We believe in the five fold ministry and Baptism of the Holy Spirit evidenced by speaking in tongues.
•         The sinfulness of man, the necessity of his regeneration and sanctification through faith in Jesus Christ
•         The Holy Bible as the inspired Word of God, which is the sole rule of faith and conduct
•         Marriage is a sacrament (ordinance and rite) of the Church. This defines” Marriage” as exclusive conventional union of one man and one woman in which such union is lifetime commitment. A civil government’s sanction of a union will be recognized as a legitimate marriage by this Church only to the extent that is consistent with definition of marriage found in the articles in our bylaws Article III

Pastor Tony Vartanian

Pastor Tony Vartanian

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